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February 6, 2010

Sweden is Also Cold

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Why do I keep going to cold places? WHY? Because they are awesome that is why!

I am staying at my friends house in Sweden about 20 minutes from a place called Göteburg, the nations second largest capital. Incase I need to restate this, it is DAMN COLD here. Seriously, it was -12 centigrade at one point, but it is now a “sensible” -3.

It is so cool here though, everyone here is so nice, and my friend set me up in a room with a nice media centre, so when I´m not out freezing my butt off, I´m quite comfortable watching TV here. Something you realise when you travel, and have nothing to do for hours on end, is that TV in other countries is SO MUCH BETTER. There is a channel here “Kanal 6” it has the maddest shows. I have it on all the time when I´m not out or sleeping.

Sweden is a beautiful country. Beautiful people, beautiful snow, very relaxed atmosphere and it has some very nice scenery. You can just sit there and stare all day. We went to a lake at the bottom of a mountain. The lake was frozen over and covered with about 2 inches of snow, there where pathways carved from the snow where people where running around the lake, the mountain was covered with Christmas trees (cedar trees I think?) that where also covered with snow, just beautiful! I am in love with the scenery!

Driving here is on the opposite side to Australia, and 4WDs and other big cars seem to be popular, probably due to the snow. I have never seen a bus do a burnout before Sweden, but there is a first time for everything I guess. It was pretty cool, I was walking around, then I hear a burnout, turn around and there is a bus, smoking it up like crazy. The passengers seemed pretty unfazed by their large 8 wheel bus spinning on the road. It even went a little sideways when it took off. Unfortunately I had no camera at the time, as we where simply taking a walk to the shops.

Every road here looks like it belongs in a rally circuit, and I love my rally driving 😀 Although, surprisingly, it is not as big here as in the other Scandinavian countries.

I am going to France and Amsterdam soon, so excited 😀



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  1. hello Taj its me ibz my whole family says hello

    Comment by ibrahim — February 17, 2010 @ 8:56 am | Reply

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